Promote Your Business On Road

Want the most bang for your advertising bucks? The Vehicle wrap is no doubt an excellent choice for high visibility. It is one of the most cost-effective forms of branding/advertising considering their mobility, visibility, and lifespan, graphics wraps are extremely economical compared to other forms of advertisements such as Magazine/ Newspaper that must be frequently renewed at high rates.

Custom vehicle graphics is an investment that all businesses should seriously consider, by transforming your car, trailer, van, ute or truck into a billboard on wheels you are promoting locally and in areas that your business serves.

On average a business vehicle with graphics that travels between 3-4 hours a day will be exposed at least 300 people a day. With wraps options starting from as little as $495, the cost of advertising through vehicle graphics costs your business less than $1 a day considered our graphics wraps have a lifespan minimum 2 years and up to 7 years depending on the material used.

Businesses and Tradesmen that carries out delivery or services in busy areas where parking are almost impossible to find, having signage on the vehicle will grant them the rights to parking in loading zones avoiding parking fines while saving time.

At Peter Sung Design, Print and Signs, we'd like to make the process of getting your vehicle wraps as quick and easy as possible. Your initial consultation will be with an experienced wraps designer to discuss your options in design, the cost, and materials to achieve the best possible result.